Learn SQL with the e-commerce dataset on Google BigQuery

One of the tricky things about learning anything is getting from theoretical to practical. I’m from Vietnam, where learning how to drive is nightmarish. Seriously, look up “Vietnam traffic,” and you will know what I mean. So I know a ton of people who are licensed to drive but have never done it before outside of driving school.

Getting started driving for Vietnamese is hard and scary. The longer people put off driving after getting a license, the longer it will be since they last did it. After a while, they started forgetting the basics, making it ever more challenging to get started.

What is SQL, and what does it do?

SQL is easy to learn and can be used in various business applications. It is a powerful language used for data analysis in business. With little effort, everyone can learn to use SQL.

SQL (pronounced “sequel” or “S-Q-L”) stands for Structured Query Language. It is a standard computer language that is used to communicate with databases. In other words, it lets you talk to the database to extract data or make changes. Looking at recent job postings, you’ll see that SQL skills are increasingly in demand. This is because data is becoming more and more critical in business, and SQL is beneficial for everyone to know, not just data professionals.

Anatomy of a dbt project

Some basic concepts and project structure to help you get started with a dbt project.

For analysts not from a technical background, working with dbt can be intimidating at first. Writing codes to configure everything takes some time to get used to, especially if you are used to setting everything up using a UI.

A Guide to Deep Work

A Guide to staying focus in today’s distracted world—a review of Deep Work by Cal Newport.

We are living in a connected world, where the pace of innovation is astonishing. Never before do we have access to so much information and can easily connect to others within seconds. The fourth industrial revolution is here, and things will only get better. Or is it?

6 Best Practices for Managing Data Access to BigQuery

What to know in terms of security when setting up a data environment in BigQuery.

We have all seen and heard about data breaches and the damages, both in terms of financial and reputation, that they can inflict. As we rely more and more on our data to make better decisions, data is becoming a critical asset for any organization. So like any other asset of a company, controlling access to data is essential to protecting your data.


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