Reinvent a retailer’s data & analytics interviewing process (preface)

I recently joined a leading retailer in Vietnam and was tasked with building a data & analytics team from scratch. Inspired by the great series of Medium Engineers detailed how they refine their hiring process, I set out to write a series of my own to document and share my journey here.

  • Preface: Reinvent a retailer’s data & analytics interviewing process (this post)
  • Data science interviews: What we screen for? What we will not?
  • Data science interviews: Grading rubrics (coming soon)

Victoria through Airbnb data analysis

I had a vacation recently to Victoria, an island in the British Colombia district of Canada and was blown away by the beauty of it. We stayed at an Airbnb apartment in downtown Victoria and behold the beauty of the city. I set out to see what I can find from its Airbnb data.

I found out that Airbnb has put many of its data available online at Inside Airbnb including listings data for Victoria. Briefly looking at the data, it was quite obvious to me that one can tell a lot about Victoria (or any other city) by analyzing the Airbnb listings. My curiosity got the better of me (and I have some time to kill on the planes), so I set out to answer the following questions to get to know Victoria better.


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